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More work from the ‘sanctuary’ project

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Shot entirely on an iphone 5s using the hipstamatic app, these images are from the second part of this ongoing project. A very personal series of images shot mainly in Devon and Cornwall. More soon…

University of Exeter Open Exhibition – ‘Observatory: Perspectives on Landscape, Society and Spirit’

Thursday, June 1st, 2017
Nash Point Lighthouse, South Wales. From the series 'The Sixth Extinction'

Nash Point Lighthouse, South Wales. From the series ‘The Sixth Extinction’

This print has been selected for the University of Exeter Open Exhibition. Subtitled ‘Observatory: Perspectives on Landscape, Society and Spirit’ the exhibition called for artists to link their submission with research undertaken at The University. This image of the lighthouse at Nash Point, South Wales is from my project ‘The Sixth Extinction’ and responds to research into mass extinction events by the Earth System Science Group at Exeter University.

‘The Sixth Extinction’ tracks a group of world-leading paleogeologists as they hunt for clues to a mass extinction event in the cliffs of North Somerset and South Wales. This image of Nash Point lighthouse (the observatory) shows the ‘extinction line’ at waist height in the cliffs – a rarely exposed inch-thick layer of limestone below which fossils are abundant but above which 75% of the planet’s species vanish. The lighthouse looks not only out over the lethal cliffs and reefs but also back through layers of deep time.

The exhibition runs in the Exeter Forum at the University from June 11 – 18.

Prints from ‘Huangshan Ltd’ series on show at Look17 Liverpool International Photography Festival

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017
Untitled VI from the series 'Huangshan Ltd'

Untitled VI from the series ‘Huangshan Ltd’

As part of the Look17  Liverpool International Photography Festival I will be showing work from the ‘Huangshan Ltd’ series. The festival runs from April 7th to May 14th and the theme this year is China. Prints will be shown at Constellations in Liverpool and the work will also be shown on-screen at Open Eye Gallery.

Installation view of exhibition at Terre Verte Gallery, Cornwall

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Installation shots from my current exhibition ‘The Practice of the Wild’ at Terre Verte Gallery, Altarnun, Cornwall UK. It features four prints from the ‘Huangshan Ltd’ series, a wallpaper collage of four images from ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds)’, six prints from ‘Sixth Extinction’ and two prints from ‘Sound of Jura’.

Exhibition in Cornwall, UK

Saturday, August 27th, 2016
Wallpaper with images from my project Bamboo (Six Seconds).

Wallpaper featuring images from Bamboo (Six Seconds)

The Terre Verte Gallery in Altarnun, Cornwall  is showing pieces from three of my projects as part of a three photographer exhibition entitled ‘The Practice of the Wild’. Named after the seminal 1990 book of essays by Gary Snyder – one of the central texts on wilderness and the interaction of nature and culture – all three photographers interpret the theme in their individual ways.

I will be showing a wallpaper collage (above) of four images from my project ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds)’. The single roll of Photo Tex is 64 inches wide by 57 inches high. There will also be four framed silver gelatin limited edition prints from ‘Huangshan Ltd’, six framed prints from ‘The Sixth Extinction’ and two prints from the series ‘Sound of Jura’.

The exhibition will run from 20th September until 15th October and I will be giving a talk on my work and, with the other photographers, will be leading group photography walks locally.

Press Release:- Apprehensions: Eamon Mac Mahon, Jon Wyatt, Chris Bennett

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

At this time of increasing ecological crisis, new Circuit Gallery exhibition asks us to consider our place in, and relationship to, the wider natural world.

Toronto, ON, November 17, 2015 — Circuit Gallery is pleased to present Apprehensions, an exhibition featuring new photographic work by Eamon Mac Mahon (Canada), Jon Wyatt (UK), and Chris Bennett (USA).

This exhibition brings together three artists who, in this time of increasing ecological crisis, are deeply engaged with landscape, and who ask us through these works to consider our place in, and relationship to, the wider natural world.

The Enlightenment concept of ‘man’ as an autonomous, self-conscious, and rational subject hinges on the separation of an ‘outside’ natural world from an ‘inner’ human and subjective one. With this separation in place, nature became seen as something external to discover, appreciate, and study. The ensuing modernist project mutated this view of the natural world into something for us to exploit, master and control for our own ends, in the name of progress, science, and reason. Paradoxically, nature has simultaneously been seen as so vast and resilient that it was safe from our depredations. Both of these ideas have failed us.

Apprehensions engages landscape both as a subject for photography and as a genre, where the traditional aesthetic categories of the beautiful and sublime, often synonymous with the landscape tradition in art, take on new resonances in our contemporary apprehending of, and affective orientation towards, the natural world.

This exhibition situates the work of these three photographers, and their different approaches to this genre, as having been predicated on and motivated by a profound and heightened awareness of our species’ contributing role in global warming and our unfolding catastrophe.

Landscape has always been an important genre and subject for photography. And it makes more sense now than ever that artists are reengaging traditional aesthetic categories and feel compelled to reevaluate our culture’s changed and increasingly fraught relationship with nature and to question our assumed place in the world.

Such art can open up the world and our relationship to it. It can destabilize and move us, reminding us that there are other ways of being in it.

The exhibition is curated by Claire Sykes with an essay by Leo Hsu.

Fault Line XII

Fault Line XII



Eamon Mac Mahon is an artist working with photography and video based in Toronto. Raised in northern Alberta, his fascination with the wilderness began at an early age. Mac Mahon’s photographs have been published by the Walrus, National Geographic, Capricious, MIT Press and the New Yorker. His work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Detroit Institute of Arts and the Power Plant. He is represented by Circuit Gallery (Toronto).

British photographer Jon Wyatt‘s work documents the detachment of modern culture from our physical landscapes, both in the context of landscape iconography, national identity, human ecology and ecosystem transition; and through the perspective of vast spans of time and geologic processes. His work has been published in PDN, National Geographic Traveler, Orion Magazine and The Times amongst others and exhibited in Europe, South East Asia, the United States, and Canada.

Chris Bennett is an American photographer based in Portland, Oregon. He received his BFA from Indiana University in 1999 and his MFA in Photography, from the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, in 2014. Bennett’s work has been shown widely, with exhibitions in Portland at Froelick Gallery, Camerawork Gallery, and the Oregon Historical Society; as well as nationally and internationally at The Phoenix Art Museum (AZ), Center for Contemporary Art (Santa Fe, NM), INOVA – Institute of Visual Arts (Milwaukee, WI), Camera Club of New York (New York, NY), and Kominek Gallery (Berlin, Germany).

Leo Hsu is a writer, researcher and photographer based in Toronto. He is a regular contributor to Fraction Magazine and holds a PhD in Anthropology and Certificate in Culture and Media from New York University. He has taught on the history of photography and documentary photography at Carnegie Mellon University and collaborated with the Silver Eye Center for Photography on several exhibitions, most recently A World Imagined: Kelli Connell and Sara Macel.

Apprehensions runs November 26 through December 19 at Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA, with an opening reception on Thursday, November 26, from 6 – 9 p.m.


Eamon Mac Mahon
Jon Wyatt
Chris Bennett

November 26 – December 19, 2015

Opening Reception:

Thursday, November 26, 6-9 p.m.

Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 124
Toronto, ON, M6R 2G5

[ Google Map ]

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Visit Circuit Gallery online for more information and to see more images:

About Circuit Gallery

Circuit Gallery specializes in contemporary photography. Established in 2008 by Susana Reisman and Claire Sykes, the Toronto based commercial gallery represents both emerging and established Canadian and international artists.

– ### –

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:
Claire Sykes, Circuit Gallery,, Tel: 647-477-2487

Prints from ‘The Sixth Extinction’ in exhibition at New York Hall of Science

Monday, September 21st, 2015
Port Talbot Steelworks & Kenfig Dunes, South Wales

Port Talbot steelworks & Kenfig Dunes, South Wales. The sand dunes here were once part of the largest dune system in Europe, the shifting sand supporting many species. However with the dunes now overstabilised and overgrown with marram grass, many of those species have become extinct.

Two prints from my ‘Sixth Extinction’ series are being shown at the New York Hall of Science, NY, as part of the Art & Science Collaboration’s exhibition called  ‘Biodiversity/Extinction’. The exhibition runs from 10th October 2015  to 28th February 2016.


‘Fault Line’ project to be exhibited at Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


Fault Line VI - Climbing vines in Samoa, from the project Fault Line by photographer Jon Wyatt

Fault Line VI

I’m pleased to announce that Circuit Gallery at the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art in Toronto will be exhibiting images from my Fault Line series. The exhibition will open on November 26th and continue until December 19th 2015. Also exhibiting will be Canadian photographer Eamon Mac Mahon and Christopher Bennett from the US, both also represented by Circuit Gallery. More details to follow.


Fault Line XIV (detail) - Climbing vines in Samoa, from the project Fault Line by photographer Jon Wyatt

Fault Line XIV (detail)

New limited edition prints from Eye Buy Art

Sunday, December 9th, 2012
Ste-Foy-Tarentaise (2009). New limited edition prints from Eye Buy Art

Ste-Foy-Tarentaise, France (2009)

Two images from my ‘Naked’ (2009) series are being released as limited editions prints by Canadian online gallery Eye Buy Art ( Editions are available in several different sizes from 14 x 11 inches to 40 x 30 inches. The images available are ‘Ste-Foy-Tarentaise, France 2009’ and ‘Glacier d’Argentiere, Chamonix, France. 2009’. Eye Buy Art aim to encourage the collection of limited edition art by offering affordably priced editions.

Glacier-d'Argentiere (2009)

Glacier-d’Argentiere, Chamonix, France (2009). New limited edition prints from Eye Buy Art

‘Luminance’ Private View Invitation – 2nd November 2011

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Untiltled III, from the series 'Sound of Jura' (2010) - 'Luminance' Private View Invitation

Please join us for the private view of ‘Luminance’ at 10GS, Mayfair on Wednesday 2nd November from 6 – 8.30pm

An exhibition of photographs by Judith Lyons, Wendy Pye & Jon Wyatt

Drinks and canapes will be served.
RVSP please.

Jon Wyatt

An award-winning landscape photographer, Jon’s work has been published and exhibited in the UK and Europe, and is represented by the Diemar/Noble Gallery in London.

“Our continued disconnection from the physical landscape provides the framework for all my work.  Various techniques are utilised to recreate this detachment through the imagery, exploring the dynamics and ethics of land ownership, preservation and visual wonder. And how, ironically, our lack of connection may be the last best hope for the preservation of ecosystems.”

Luminance features work from the series ‘Sound of Jura’ (2010). This is the name given to the straits separating the Isle of Jura in the Inner Hebrides from the Scottish mainland. The Gaelic name is ‘An Linne Rosach’ meaning the ‘Sound of Disappointment’.

Judith Lyons

Judith Lyons is a photographic artist.  A graduate of both Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design and the London College of Communication, for the last four years Judith has worked predominantly with camera-less methods of photographic image production.  Her work has been exhibited in institutions and galleries both nationally and internationally and has been featured in books and journals.

“Using traditional analogue and contemporary digital photographic processes, Judith Lyons’ work demonstrates an engagement with the natural world and with the perpetual cycle of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth”.

Luminance features work from two series, ‘A Different Nature’ (2009) and ‘Un/Natural Forms’ (2010).

Wendy Pye

Wendy is a commercial photographer, photography lecturer and photographic artist. She graduated from The M.A in Photographic Arts at The London College of Communication, London in 2009. Wendy’s work over the last four years has been responding to the well-known natural beauty and suicide spot, Beachy Head on the South England coast. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in press and journals.

“A common strand running through my work is in an interest in exploring the cyclical nature of states of being, particularly those that bridge, or represents something on the cusp of change.”

Luminance features work from the series titled  ‘Luminance in Flux’ (2010), which uses light interventions to respond to the sentiment embedded in the landscape.


10 Grosvenor Street, London  W1K 4QB

Exhibition Until Dec 16:

Exhibition Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10am – 5.30pm

Weekend viewings by appointment


4 minutes walk from Bond Street and Oxford Circus Tube

Buses: C2, 15, 159, 453, 3, 12, 88, 94, 6, 13, 23, 139, 7, 10, 73, 98, 390, 55

Newsletter – September 2011

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Untitled VII, from the series Huangshan Ltd - Jon Wyatt Photography Newsletter - September 2011 Untitled I, from the series Huangshan Ltd - Jon Wyatt Photography Newsletter - September 2011

Untitled X, from the series Huangshan Ltd - Jon Wyatt Photography Newsletter - September 2011  Untitled II, from the series Huangshan Ltd - Jon Wyatt Photography Newsletter - September 2011

From the series ‘Huangshan Ltd

  • The ‘Huangshan Ltd’ series is now available as limited edition digital bromide prints from the Diemar/Noble Gallery in London. Edition sizes are 45 x 36ins (ed. of 3) and 24 x 20ins (ed. of 7).
  • The ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds) series has been selected to be shown as part of the ‘Open Here’ exhibition at the Hereford Photography Festival throughout November. The exhibitions selection panel included Simon Bainbridge, editor of BJP and Melissa deWitt, editor of Hotshoe.
  • A print from the ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds)’ series will be auctioned at an event at the Hotshoe Gallery in London on the 7th October. Organised by the Hereford Photography Festival, the prints will be on display at the gallery from 3rd October. Other contributors include Martin Parr and Simon Roberts.
  • Images from the ‘Sound of Jura’ series are currently being shown at 10GS in Mayfair, London as part of an exhibition entitled ‘Luminance’. The private view is on the 2nd November and also features work by Wendy Pye and Judith Lyons.

Untitled III, from the series Sound of Jura Untitled V, from the series Sound of Jura

Untitled VI, from the series Sound of Jura Untitled IV, from the series Sound of Jura

From the series ‘Sound of Jura’

  • Jon Wyatt Photography has a new facebook page for all the latest news on images, exhibitions and photographic wanderings. Check out and hit that ‘like’ button.
  • is now fully available on all mobile devices, the new versions being Ipad and smartphone compatible.
  • Printed versions of my two recent Chinese series – ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds)’ and ‘Huangshan Ltd’ – are now available as self-published 11 x 8 inch booklets from Magcloud.
  • On a more commercial angle I have been selected (for the second year running) for Luerzer’s Archive’s ‘200 Best Advertising Photographers 2011/2012’. The publication will feature several pages of my work.
  • Elsewhere over the last few months work has been featured on Harry Hardie’s ‘Here’ blog; alongside an interview on E-photoreview; as editors picks on the Behance Network and Adweek’s talent gallery; Shots Magazine; shown in the exhibition ‘Transience’ at Galerie Huit as part of Les Rencontres d’Arles Festival; and as part of the Association of Photographers Gallery ‘Collectives’ Print Sales.

Untitled I, from the series Bamboo (Six Seconds) Untitled II, from the series Bamboo (Six Seconds)

Untitled III, from the series Bamboo (Six Seconds) Untitled IV, from the series Bamboo (Six Seconds)

From the series ‘Bamboo (Six Seconds)

Limited Edition Prints now available from Diemar/Noble Gallery, London

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Untitled II from the series 'Huangshan Ltd'

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be working with the Diemar/Noble Gallery in London. (Update: now known as the L.A. Noble Gallery). They are currently displaying a 45 x 36 inch framed print of this image from the ‘Huangshan Ltd’ series.

The series comprises ten images. Limited edition prints will be available in two sizes  – 45 x 36 inches, in an edition of three & 24 x 20 inches, in an edition of seven.


Bamboo (Six Seconds) – a new series

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Untitled I, from the series Bamboo (Six Seconds)

Every six seconds fifteen acres of the planet are deforested. That’s 60,000 sqm, or six hectares, or nine football pitches. Every six seconds….the time it’s taken you to read these words. Shot in a bamboo forest in Anhui Province, China, the exposure time of each of these images is six seconds.

For the Chinese bamboo holds iconic status, representing the harmony between nature and man – and symbolising civilisation. In folklore, literature, calligraphy and painting bamboo’s characteristics embody the finest human virtues – integrity, humility and purity. Comparing a person to bamboo is the highest possible praise of their character.

Touted as a miracle crop to counter deforestation, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Growing up to four feet a day, one hectare of bamboo sequesters sixty-two tons of carbon dioxide per year. Generating up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees it can be used to produce everything from food, fabrics, paper, building material and oil.

However rising demand from the west has brought new environmental concerns for bamboo forests. Increased use of unregulated pesticides for production plus the strong chemical solvents required to process the bamboo have poisoned watercourses and threaten precious animal habitat. Indiscriminate harvesting has resulted in half the world’s species of bamboo now being in imminent danger of extinction.

For more from the series go to my portfolio website here, or on this permanent gallery page on this blog.

Images and Prints available from Lensmodern

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
Glacier d'Argentiere, Chamonix. Images and Prints available from Lensmodern

Glacier d’Argentiere, Chamonix.

I am pleased to announce that i have been invited to contribute images to Lensmodern. Lensmodern is an online photographic handling agency and library which was “conceived and created by a group of the world’s top photographers as the only marketplace appropriate for their award-winning work. Lensmodern provides the perfect environment in which to view, sample, license usage, or buy fine art prints of some of the world’s most creative photographic images.”

Selected photographs from my ‘Naked’ series are now available through Lensmodern as fine art prints or available for licensing. The ‘Naked’ series features snowscapes photographed in mountain ranges on several different continents.


AOP Collectives Exhibition, AOP Gallery, London

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Association of Photography Collectives Exhibition

Association of Photography Collectives Exhibition

April 13 – 5th May 2011

AOP Gallery, 81 Leonard St, London EC2A 4QS

AOP Collectives is a permanent photographic print collection, held by the Association of Photographers Gallery in London. Several of my limited edition prints are held in this collection and five of them will be on display at this exhibition. One image will also be used as the inside cover of the April/May edition of Image Magazine.

AOP Open Exhibition 2010

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that my shot of the Millau Viaduct (see blog entry April 20, 2010) has been selected for the AOP Open Exhibition. The Gala Opening night will be at the AOP Gallery in Shoreditch, London on the 19th August.

AOP Gallery – Summer Exhibition

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

AOP Gallery - Summer Exhibition

Answering a call for images with a ‘summer’ theme – not something immediately inherent in most of my work – the image above was selected for the AOP Gallery’s  Summer Exhibition which is to be held at the AOP Gallery in Shoreditch, London. The Private View is on July 29th with the exhibition running to August 11th. The show features a diverse selection of work from notable photographers such as Simon Norfolk and Tim Hetherington.

Three images incuded in AOP Gallery permanent print collection & exhibition

Monday, March 1st, 2010

‘New Collectives’ is a new permanent print sale collection to be held at the Association of Photographers Gallery in London. Three of my images will be held in the collection and form part of an exhibition at the gallery from 11th March. Here’s the press release:-

The AOP launches a permanent photographic print collection, one of very few dedicated photography print sales libraries in London.
The AOP Gallery are launching a permanent Print Sales area selling high quality photographic prints from a wide range of AOP Members.  The objective is to develop and promote a photographic collection of contemporary landscape, architecture, portraiture, abstract, still life, fashion, advertising and editorial
photography.  There is a print for everyone from the keen collector to the novice.

The AOP Gallery invites you to join us on:
Thursday 11 March from 6:30pm – 8:30pm to preview the collection and exhibition.
Exhibition continues until Wednesday 31st March.
The AOP Gallery, 81 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS
Tube: Old Street (exit 4)  Gallery Open: Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Online limited edition prints from

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Checkout U.S. based, a curatorial fine art website, which is featuring one of my prints in a limited edition. Each week presents an original and affordable editioned print from a chosen photographer, promoting the collection of contemporary photography.